PC Study Bible

PC Study Bible

Contains a series of bible translations and references
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Study the Bible in detail by reading different versions of the holy book and checking out references, dictionaries, and comments.

PC Study Bible 5.0 is a set of Bibles and reference works to study the Bible.
The program is devoted to make easier to search words and references in many bibles, references and dictionaries.

When you install the program, it will ask you some questions to customize itself to your tast (background and text color, font size, preferred bible, etc.) Then you will be presented with the program´s interface.

Here you can choose, for example, to read the same passages in the different versions of the Bible, in the different books.

You will then be able to compare the texts, search specific words, read the appendices, commentaries, sermons, notes, etc.

You can add more books to extend your bookshelf, acquiring them from the author´s website.

The program even has some multimedia content, such as maps, music, photos and timelines.

You can open tabs for each content you´re interested in. Then, you can switch tabs, cut and paste content, and prepare texts and sermons.

The program includes external links to get more information online.

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